An Alternative Asset Manager focused on the U.S. Municipal Market


Old Orchard's proven strategy pursues absolute returns through opportunistic investing with an emphasis on capital preservation.


Provide investors access to a top tier group that has generated significant and consistent returns


Exploit pricing inefficiencies unique to the highly fragmented Municipal Market


Utilize an active, long/short strategy for absolute returns that have historically been uncorrelated to other markets


Leverage the unparalleled ability to source investments due to long-standing relationships within a network of 75+ broker-dealers


Combine top-down market assessment and bottom-up analysis of specific opportunities


Attempt to capitalize on the reduced liquidity offered by traditional broker dealers since the Great Financial Crisis and the COVID-19 market disruption


Old Orchard's proven strategy pursues absolute returns through opportunistic bond trading with an emphasis on capital preservation.

Old Orchard Capital Management has implemented a Responsible Investment Policy to incorporate ESG risk integration into the investment process.

Old Orchard is a signatory of the UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investing.

The U.S. Municipal Market enables financing for a wide range of public projects, and is largely aligned with responsible and sustainable investing.

The Founders and team members are committed to giving back to our local community and are active in programs that focus on children’s literacy and accessible higher education.

The Firm seeks to reduce its carbon footprint through the purchase of carbon removals.

About Us

Old Orchard's proven strategy pursues absolute returns with an emphasis on capital preservation.

Old Orchard Capital Management LP (”Old Orchard”) is a New York based, SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Co-founded by Ross Jackman and Larry Fox in 2014, the firm specializes in credit markets with a focus on the U.S. Municipal Market.

Old Orchard seeks to create value for its clients by capitalizing on the unique inefficiencies within the Municipal Market.

Our founders are veteran portfolio managers and municipal bond specialists with decades of experience in the municipal bond industry. They separately headed trading desks at UBS, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Lazard Frères.

The team is composed of senior, experienced industry professionals with deep backgrounds in the municipal and credit markets, offering our investors unparalleled investment acumen.


Ross Jackman

Co-Founder & Principal

Larry Fox

Co-Founder & Principal

Investor Relations

Michele Gesser

Head of Business Development

Justin Opalenski

Head of Marketing & Investor Relations


Old Orchard Capital Management LP

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